Waveform Technology is a Michigan based company started in 1992 and focused on providing data center and telecommunications solutions.

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Services and Solutions

Waveform Technology services several vertical markets, including education, financial institutions, retail businesses and transportation and logistics.

Waveform’s telecommunication solutions include: T1’s metro ethernet services and fiber optic circuits.

Waveform’s data center solutions include: colocation “insourcing” and custom data center solutions.


Waveform Technology offers an ‘insourcing’ solution that helps companies who have problems with losing talent and information through outsourcing. The solution they offer is colocation, where a company can own and manage their server infrastructure while locating it in a purpose built facility that handles the burden of strict certifications and redundant infrastructure to the internet, power and cooling.

The Tough Questions

Waveform Technology is located in Troy, Michigan. Is that too remote of a place in people’s minds for colocation as a disaster recovery or primary site?

Waveform Technology has a data center and internet connectivity solutions. Will they also have a cloud solution anytime soon?

The term “insourcing” as a way to explain colocation is not widely used. Is Waveform successful in selling its colocation services as an “insourcing” solution?

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