Softlayer is a dedicated server, cloud and managed hosting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Softlayer operates multiple data centers in Amsterdam, Dallas, Houston, London, San Jose, Seattle, Singapore, and Washington D.C.

Dedicated Servers

SoftLayer provides a variety of dedicated server hosting solutions, including:

1. AMD Opteron 1000, 2000 and 8000 series servers
2. Intel Xeon 1200, 3000, 5000, 5500, 5600 and E7300 series servers
3. Dedicated servers with redundant power
4. Dedicated servers with mass storage, video streaming, virtual hosting
5. Dedicated servers with a private network
6. Xpress dedicated servers at an affordable price

SoftLayers dedicated servers from numbers 3-6 from the above list have a key benefit of a 2 hour delivery time.

The top three reasons for purchasing a dedicated server from SoftLayer are first, their network. SoftLayer has an industry leading network, with each rack setup with 40G of connectivity and 10G fiber connections between each of SoftLayer’s data center facilities (in addition of the 20x10Gbps connections). The second reason would be the global presence and provisioning times. Softlayer has not only a strong presence in the US, but also Singapore and Amsterdam, and an average provisioning times of 1-4hrs for dedicated servers (10-15 minutes for cloud servers). The third reason is the month to month contract that allows a customer to customize their hosting solution and grow.


SoftLayer offers a cloud computing service called “CloudLayer”, with several solutions for customized cloud servers, cloud computing, cloud content distribution and cloud storage:

1. Public Cloud – a multi-tenant environment for rapid provisioning.
2. Private Cloud – an environment dedicated to a single customer that uses virtualization to deliver a closed and secure computing platform.
3. Bare Metal Cloud – a cloud designed for workloads with high I/O and that do not require a virtualization layer.

SoftLayer allows you to integrate and manage dedicated and virtual servers with cloud computing environment, as illustrated in the image above.

Managed Hosting

SoftLayers Managed Hosting gives users access to on demand hosting with full-time management. A Combination of the SoftLayer platform and expert support, users have the ability to deploy multi-faceted applications to the cloud in an efficient manner.

Key Features:

– Public and private network interfaces
– Virtual Dedicated Rack with access to 50 Gigabytes of EVault Backup.
– Antivirus Software
– SoftLayer gives user’s access to their Managed Hosting Dashboard, which provides users optimum uptime and assurance.

Recent Job Openings

Business Development Manager (Hong Kong,China)
-Primary job responsibilities include working to develop new sales opportunities, both with new and current customers. Employee must have deep understanding of current SoftLayer products, as they must be portrayed accurately to customer across Asia.

MySQL Database Administrator (Dallas, Texas)
-Future Employee will primarily work in a group to ensure security and scalability while deploying complex server deployments. Potential candidates must have extensive MySQL database experience, including an ability to install and configure MySQL in customer environments.

Systems Engineer (Dallas,Texas)
-Potential candidate must have extensive engineering experience in all aspects of system administration. Employee will also be responsible for complex technical problems involving technology stacks.

Additional information regarding SoftLayer job openings can be found here: SoftLayer Job Openings

Data Center and Network Locations

Softlayer has a data center in Singapore, Amsterdam, San Jose, Seattle, Dallas (6 data centers), Houston (2 data centers) and Washington D.C. with a point of presence (PoP) in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, New York City, London and Frankfurt.

The Tough Questions

Will SoftLayer’s CloudLayer product be popular enough to compete with all of the other available cloud offerings?

SoftLayer tout’s its network connectivity, but will it be able to gain a return on its network infrastructure with ever declining bandwidth pricing?

SoftLayer’s facilities host some 191,500 servers, so can SoftLayer continue to grow or have they reached a plateau?