Here’s a list of all data centers listed on the data center map by sq. ft. size. Please contact us if we’ve missed any facilities.

CompanyFacilityTotal Size ft2Photo
ViaWestShiloh 156,460ViaWest Shiloh Data Center
ViaWestCompark140,000ViaWest Compark Data Center
ViaWestBrookwood138,000ViaWest Brookwood Data Center
ViaWestCornell100,000ViaWest Cornell Data Center
C7 Data CentersGranite Point 295,000c7 data enters granite point 2
ViaWestLone Mountain74,000ViaWest Lone Mountain Data Center
ViaWestMinneapolis70,000ViaWest Minneapolis Data Center
C7 Data CentersGranite Point 165,000c7 data centers granite point 1
ViaWestInfomart I-IV61,966ViaWest Infomart Data Center
Peak 10Tampa 360,000Peak 10 Tampa 3 Data Center
ViaWestSynergy Park50,850ViaWest Synergy Park
ViaWestHillsboro I-II50,157ViaWest HIllsboro I-II Data Center
ViaWestAllentown46,000ViaWest Allentown Data Center
Peak 10Raleigh 1-345,000Peak 10 Raleigh Data Centers
ViaWestPhoenix42,500ViaWest Phoenix Data Center
ViaWestCalgary40,000ViaWest Calgary Data Center
Peak 10Charlotte 1-333,600Peak 10 Charlotte 1-3 Data Centers
ViaWestDelong33,386ViaWest Delong Data Center
Peak 10Fort Lauderdale 1-233,000Peak 10 Ft Lauderdale 1-2 Data Centers
Peak 10Nashville 3-430,500Peak 10 Nashville 3-4 Data Centers
Peak 10Louisville 1-328,000Peak 10 Louisville 1-3 Data Centers
Peak 10Richmond 1-224,000Peak 10 Richmond 1-2 Data Centers
ViaWestArapahoe21,374ViaWest Arapahoe Data Center
Peak 10Tampa 1-221,000Peak 10 Tampa 1-2 Data Center
Peak 10Atlanta 1-220,000Peak 10 Atlanta 1-2 Data Centers
Peak 10Nashville 1-219,100Peak 10 Nashville 1-2 Data Centers
ViaWestCampus View18,991ViaWest Campus View Data Center
Peak 10Jacksonville 1-218,500Peak 10 Jacksonville 1-2 Data Centers
C7 Data CentersTimpanogos18,000C7 Data Centers Timpanogos
Peak 10Cincinnati 118,000Peak 10 Cincinnati Data Center
C7 Data CentersCity Creek17,000C7 Data Centers City Creek
Peak 10Atlanta 315,000Peak 10 Atlanta 3 Data Center
ViaWest200 E14,713ViaWest 200 E Salt Lake City Data Center
ViaWestCarson 113,718ViaWest Carson 1 Las Vegas Data Center
ViaWestWest12,512ViaWest West Data Center
Peak 10Nashville 512,500Peak 10 Nashville 5 Data Center
Peak 10Charlotte 410,000Peak 10 Charlotte 4 Data Center
ViaWestCarson 28,400ViaWest Carson 2 Las Vegas Data Center
ViaWestChampa7,850ViaWest Champa Data Center
ViaWestPresidents7,613ViaWest Presidents Data Center
ViaWestAustin7,519ViaWest Austin Data Center
ViaWestCottonwood6,811ViaWest Cottonwood Data Center
ViaWestWazee6,560ViaWest Wazee Data Center
ViaWestLindon6,336ViaWest Lindon Data Center