10 Interesting Data Center Implementations

Data centers are adapting to the requirements around them with creative solutions to security, technology and efficiency. Let’s take a quick look at a sample of ten interesting data center implementations from around the world.

Sci-fi Themeing

1. Bahnhof’s Pionen made the list for having a James Bond / Silent Running data center theme. The view here is of the suspended conference room above the data center floor.
Bahnhof Pionen White Mountain Data Center

Warzone Operating Environment

2. C3 -S.P.E.A.R. RT was selected for being a warzone/frontline self-contained data center. Also an excellent option for a disaster recovery data center solution.
C3 -S.P.E.A.R. RT

Big Facility

3. @Tokyo Center made the list for being so big – 1,506,947 sq. ft. with much of it being data center floor space. This view is of the main corridor leading to the elevators that take you down to the data center entrance.
@Tokyo Data Center

Lots of Power

4. 350 E. Cermak made the list for supplying 104 MW of power, not to mention the massive size of 1,133,739 sq. ft. Notice all of the cooling and generator equipment on the tops of the buildings.
350 E Cermak

Geeky Retrofit

5. The CLUMEQ facility made the list for being a retrofit of an old partical accelerator located on the campus of Laval University. The resulting high-efficiency facility can hold 56 cabinets on three levels in a cylindrical design.
Clumeq data center

Submersed in Liquid

6. Midas Networks made the list for their submersed cabinet server room. Each rack is submersed in a non-conductive mineral oil, capable of dissipating 1200 times more heat than traditional air cooling.
Midas Networks

Paper Mill Retrofit

7. Google Hamina Data Center for their paper mill data center retrofit that uses seawater from the Gulf of Finland to improve cooling efficiency.
Google Hamina, Finland Data Center


8. Iron Mountain for their “Room 48″ data center located in an old limestone mine. The picture below is of the entrance to the facility, with the support desk inset.
Iron Mountain Data Center

Maritime Solution

9. IDS for developing the maritime data center market with their data center installations that can be fully self-sustaining for up to 12 months.
IDS Data Center

Safe By Association

10. Academica – for building a data center in a space under the Uspenski Cathedral.
Upenski Data Center

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