MDC Stockholm Pushing the Sci-fi Theme – What’s Next?


In the data center industry you’ll see a lot of creative data center implementations. Bahnhof has embraced the futuristic / Sci-fi design with their Pionen data center and their new venture into modular data center design, complete with pictures of Storm Troopers posed in the mock-ups of the command module’s interior. I didn’t make this stuff up – take a look at the two images below that come from the gallery section of the MDC Stockholm website.

MDC Command Module with Storm Trooper

MDC Stockholm Command Module with Storm Trooper

There’s a Thin Line Between Sci-fi and Reality

At times it can be hard to differentiate fiction from reality. And some data center companies like Bahnhof and MDC Stockholm have been visionaries in bringing a fictional feel to a high-tech product. Oddly enough, it’s almost natural to see Storm Troopers in those modular data center design mock-ups.

Several movies show interesting data center implementations, and it’s fun to laugh at their efforts, but why stop there? Let’s have a little fun and mix some elements from Sci-fi movies with what we see in a data center facility. Maybe the next Bahnhof/MDCStockholm project will take some cues?

1. The Jar Jar Data Center

Someone is kicking themselves for hiring a Jar-Jar to install the cabling.


2. The Primer Cabinet

Ever wonder what goes on in some of the customers cabinets in a multi-tenant colocation facility? In case you missed the reference, Primer is the best Sci-fi movie ever made on a $7,000 budget.

Primer Data Center

3. The Captain EO Dedicated Server Room

Who wouldn’t want Captain EO monitoring their dedicated servers? In case you’ve never experienced this classic 3D movie, a tribute is showing at Disneyland.


Got a good mashup idea? Include it in a reply below, and we’ll add it to the list.

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