5 Awesome Movie Data Centers

Do you remember the crazy supercomputer in Superman III that was so smart that it could transform a human into a robot, but didn’t understand that it needed a disaster recovery plan? What about the Tron Legacy Encom tower server room that makes poor use of space? It’s always fun to see how impractical movie technology can be, so without further adieu, here is a list of five awesome movie data centers:

1. The Encom data center from Tron: Legacy

In the movie, Sam Flynn breaks into Encom’s data center and uploads a program onto one of the servers. Notice the lack of cold-rows and hot aisles. It also appears that each cabinet has it’s own cooling unit as part of the cabinet, unless the light from the perforated tiles is also where the cold air comes in.
Tron Legacy Server Room

2. The Superman III supercomputer data center cave

If you’re a supercomputer that requires lots of cooling, there’s no place better for colocation than a cave in the desert heat of Southern Utah. The power transformers are pretty sweet too – notice the “A” and “B” legs of power?

Superman III Computer Room

3. The Data Center from the movie Wargames

Wargames was an iconic 80’s movie that combined hacking, emerging dial-up networking technologies, video games, a nuclear holocost and the cold war. Ironically, the Wargames IMSAI super computer is up for sale at Christies in November of 2011. The data center room is pretty empty except for the WOPR, and the staff making the rounds, checking out the cool, non-descript buttons and flashing lights.


4. Colossus – The Forbin Project supercomputer data center

This 1970’s Sci-fi cult classic features more cold-war era super computing power. It’s interesting to see how a massive computer room was envisioned in the 1970’s. The Colossus data center looks a lot more like a state prison than a server room.
The Colossus data center

5. Casino Server Room in Ocean’s 11

Ocean’s 11 (2001) has a scene where someone sneaks into the server room with all of their cabinets full of equipment that monitor the casino’s security systems. This one made the list because of how blue everything is – almost like a blue light will obscure the fact that he’s looking for a single Ethernet cable that will give him access to video feeds of the entire casino. It was cool enough to be research fodder for a publication titled Physical Security: Movie vs. Reality.
Oceans 11 Server Room

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