C7 Data Centers Overview – Who is C7?

C7 Data Centers (C7) is a regional data center provider offering low-cost, high-density colocation data center solutions. Founded in 1999, C7 specializes on providing a variety of world-class data center solutions and services.

C7 Data Centers Bluffdale Facility

C7’s colocation solutions provide high-density hosting for heat intensive IT infrastructures. Featuring a proprietary cold-aisle containment system, C7’s high-density cabinet environments will only experience a 5 degree temperature differential from bottom to top of the cabinet, preserving equipment life. One current customer of theirs averages 26kW of power usage in a single cabinet, which the cold-aisle cooling system handles in stride.

C7's proprietary cold-aisle containment system

General Company Statistics

  • 4 Data Center Facilities
  • 74,000 sq. ft. data center floor space
  • Multiple 10G ports to tier 1 providers
  • Disaster safe Utah geography – lowest Presidential disaster rate in the nation
  • 300+ colocation customers


C7’s current bandwidth providers include: Level3, XO, Cogent, Zayo, Syringa, Qwest, Integra, Comcast, Above.Net, Utopia. There are 10 Gbps connections on campus and between C7’s data centers.

ANC Research

Unique for a data center, C7 Data Centers conducted a research project with the Brigham Young University Acoustics Research Group to pursue the possibility of applying Active Noise Control to reduce the ambient noise on the data center floor. Results showed that there were too many noise sources to effectively create a reduced noise zone, but within a cold-aisle, where noise sources are reduced they predicted a noticeable 4 decibel noise cancellation.

The Tough Questions

From the C7 website, it shows that they have large customers such as Twitter, Motorola, Answers.com, etc. Why then do they only have four data center facilities, and all in the state of Utah?

ViaWest purchased the more competitive data center providers in Utah in 2010. So will C7 as a regional provider be able to compete with a national provider like ViaWest?

What plans does C7 have for the future of their VMware cloud solution?

C7 Data Centers Locations:

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